Glue Marriage


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Sticking Power for Life Long Marriage

Glue Marriage Ministry is designed to help build marriages that will not only last for a lifetime, but also actively draw attention to the God who holds them together. Since writing their book, Glue: Sticking Power for Life Long Marriage, Dr. Paul and Patti Endrei have impacted tens of thousands of marriages by speaking over 100 times at various churches and conferences! They are confident that your marriage can also Thrive, not just Survive.

John Bevere has this to say about the “Glue” book, “Glue is a priceless resource equipping you with the practical tools needed for a successful marriage. With humorous antidotes, Paul and Patti Endrei give you straightforward insight into the heart of a husband and a wife. This is not only a great “how to” book for couples but a call to enhance every area of your marriage.”